Monday, October 19, 2009

walking advertisement

After a spending more than 4 hours on a beautiful Saturday in a group meeting, I decided to treat myself. So on Sunday, I woke up with a mission. SHOPPING TRIP. Boy, was that not a good idea. I ended up buying way too much. Then I came to a realisation - stores should pay us. Sure they provide clothes, but then we walk around carrying their bags with their store name stamped all over it enticing other people to go to the store. Technically, we're paying the stores to advertise for them. The cost of those bags must be put into the clothes that we get. Is this fair? Anyway, NEW skinny jeans from American Eagle paired with NEW Forever21 lace tanktop over an Americaa Apparel black tanktop. Zara suede heels (they're so amazingly sexy with the gold stiletto), Urban Outfitters BDG cardigan, Forever21 elephant charm necklace and NEW Forever21 (fake) leather jacket. This jacket is amazing - it has a faux fur lining, perfect for keeping me warm as the weather in Montreal continues to approach freezing levels.
I have a new found obsession for lace. It's so sexy..yet so refined and ladylike at the same time.
I think another post on nail polish is going to come soon. I have to stop buying them - I just don't have enough fingers to use them all up in a lifetime. =(
I'm so tired. Running on 5hours of sleep is not good.

Tuesday, October 13, 2009

so many things to do

In the midst of obsessing about what to wear for the day or the next few days for that matter, I've had to worry about so many other things. Especially, my future. I feel like for everyone else they have this set, known path of what they do and yet I find merely thinking about my future, the most daunting task. But according to the plan that had been laid out for me previously, I should be leaving Montreal by the end of the year. If this is to be, there are so many things that I want to to do before saying au revoir to this place that I have, out of mere habit, started calling home. For 3 years I have managed to stay pretty close to the downtown area - but I think it's time that I started going to places that are out of my comfort zone. So new shopping areas (for me) here I come! While I often frequent St-Laurent and St-Denis, it's time to put on my walking shoes and end up on Mont-Royal and Laurier. Perhaps with all that walking, I'll be able to find a reason to stay in Montreal.

So I really enjoyed the look above. The dress and cardigan are both from Urban Outfitters, bought on separate occasions during Thanksgiving. I know, I know, I go there way too much - I also spend way too much money there, even when I realise that for the prices they charge I'm not getting much back in quality. But it's sooo pretty. The tights are, rather upsettingly, starting to tear - it was my first time wearing them after purchasing them from Winners for 6 dollars. I guess I couldn't ask for much. They were pretty when I first slipped them on, but then started realising that everytime I crossed and uncrossed my legs, I was tearing them. The boots are a few years old and are from Steve Madden. I've only just gotten to wearing them more often because I've been having problems with the snap button on the back - I have found a very awkward way of putting them on to solve this problem. I decided to minimise on the accessories because of the big pattern on the dress.

Back to work, as I have 3 presentations and a midterm coming in 2 weeks. Ah!

Saturday, October 10, 2009

little motivation to do anything...except SHOP.

So...I did this look a few days ago...but couldn't be bothered to upload it - even though it only takes like 2 seconds. It consists of a tulip skirt from Brooklyn Industries, a basic black tanktop, gray cardigan from Gap, silk scarf from Urban Outfitters, boots from Ralph Lauren and gray tights from Simons (department store here in Montreal). I topped off the whole look with one of my favourite gold necklaces that I got at Le Chateau. It's a really tiny photo - simply because I suck at photo editing and used paint to put all the photos together.
Long, long weekend for me as I always have Fridays off and Monday is Canadian Thanksgiving. I spent all of yesterday completely unmotivated - but did end up making a beanie. After I got up this morning I figured I should probably go out - the sun was shining through my window and I figured I'd better not waste the nice weather. But as always I wasn't really motivated to do much...aside from shopping. I ended up getting stuff from Forever21 and Urban Outfitters. I guess a new look will be coming soon.
For now, I'll go back to staring at the clutter in my room and wishing everything would clean itself.

Tuesday, October 6, 2009

new look

This was my look for the day. I actually wore the flats out but was tempted to try my new boots with the outfit. They're Ralph Lauren and I love them - but they are 5 inch heels and walking around campus 2 days in a row is quite difficult. Speaking of difficult tasks - taking my own photo also proved to be a challenge. I ended up stacking a large amount of magazines, textbooks and coursepacks on top of my ottoman, then perched a tripod on top of that so that I could get the right height and angle. Even then, I simply got too tired of posing for a camera so settled for average photos. Don't ask me about the editing of the photos - my sister did it for me, so I don't quite know why they have two different qualities to them. Anyway, I slipped on a men's vintage fit shirt from American Eagle over a black slip. I belted the shirt with a black, skinny belt. I paired this with a pair of gray stockings that I got - you can't see it in the photo but I love the look of these tights, in a way they look like leggings (the material is thicker and the colour actually includes several shades of gray). With winter fast approaching, I have continued to build up my tights collection - I actually got 3 more today, strangely enough they're all gray.

I'm going to go off now and obsess about my outfit for tomorrow - but I probably won't be able to come up with anything and then find myself 5 minutes before having to go to class rushing around frantically trying to piece something together.

Saturday, October 3, 2009

can't wait to get me one of these.

Is it not the cutest thing ever? I suppose when I finally settle down, a dog would be the logical next step. Can't wait.

I figured a new post was long overdue - I don't even know what I've been busy with. Here's another very awkward outfit photo taken in the Student's Society Building while waiting for a club meeting to start. Thanks to Cathy for taking the photo. =) Anyway, same Zara blazer but this time paired with a belted American Apparel t-shirt dress. Also have on a gold necklace from Forever 21 as well as a floral scarf from Urban Outfitters. Shoes from Aldo.
It's starting to get so cold here already that I have had to pull out my winter jacket as well a huge dependence on tights. Perhaps it's time to stock up on different tights - yay! another reason to shop.
I've kind of stalled on the dog sweater, but will begin working on it again soon enough. I think it was just pink overload.
Time to pretend that I'm starting to clean my apartment.