Monday, February 14, 2011

Will you be my Valentine everyday?

Valentine's Day has never been a favourite holiday. To put it in words, I never thought it was necessary to have one, single day to celebrate love. Shouldn't we be doing that everyday? Bottom line, we should be treating everyday like Valentine's day. So take the time out everyday to tell someone that you love them, whether it be family, friends or that special someone through words or actions.

Here's a little something that I stumbled upon, that I thought was too cute (and true) not to share.<3

Friday, November 12, 2010

Curtain Call

I've never truly been drawn to Kate Moss' Topshop collections. However, I decided to give it a quick lookover as I was searching on Topshop for camel capes (post on that later). I have to say there are some designs that scream my name. Feminine, flirty, flowy and detailed.

kate moss


...and apparently Kate Moss as well. =)

Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Belated Halloween

CUTENESS. need i say more?

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Dear Celebrity: Katie Holmes

First, let me start by saying that I cannot deny that I am an avid follower of Perez Hilton . Secondly, I find that I agree with a majority of his opinions on certain celebrities. This new post is dedicated to celebrities who I feel should have something (either positive or negative) said to them about their style. So here goes the first one.

Dear Katie Holmes,

While doing my daily perusal of, I stumbled upon a photograph of you and your husband spending time together. While this actual act is quite mundane, I got excited as I caught a glimpse of your polka dot knit sweater (as seen here) that I believe is the same one I purchased at H&M.

I must admit that a majority of the time your day-to-day outfits do not capture my complete attention. However, knowing that I just purchased the same sweater, albeit with a nude base rather than the white, I gasped with joy thinking that I was starting to dress like a celebrity.

So Katie Holmes, I applaud you for your financial savvy when it comes to your casual clothing and show that celebrities are just as able to find good clothes at stores like H&M.



Monday, September 20, 2010

the excitement of love at first sight

Is it wrong that I love this outfit? While I may never be able to pull this off look, I gasped with amazement when I stumbled upon this picture as well as many others while taking a break from work. Imagine my excitement when I opened up the Zara homepage to find a completely redesigned webpage.

Let me just say yay for Zara in taking a closer step to allowing customers to purchase things online. Zara's new webpage design is clean and simple to use. Best of all it actually lets you take a good look at each individual piece being offered in Zara stores with accurate pricing.

More blog posts coming soon as I (with the help of my co-workers) have been coming up with some great post topics.

Sunday, September 12, 2010



Now that fall and winter are upon us, it's time to start embracing the knits all over again. I have already lined up several projects - hopefully I'll find the time to get these done. I am currently drooling over knit sweaters and cardigans that are reminiscent of an older era. Patterns, embellishments, and baggy slouchiness are all very attractive.

Since Vancouver has returned to its rainy condition, I have purchased several sweaters that I am just itching (pun? we'll see) to wear. The only issue I have when I'm looking for these knits is that they DON'T itch. I'm really quite sensitive to wool, and there's no point in cozying up in a sweater if I'm going to spend the rest of the day scratching my skin raw and aching to change out of it.

Pictures of new clothes coming up, and when knit projects get completed you will be the first to know.

Tuesday, August 17, 2010

actions speak louder than words... here it is. Finally an outfit post. The only reason I can give for taking so long to post this is because I have finally settled in to my aunt's house here in Vancouver, and I had to find a spot within the house that would allow me to take a picture without having some (some would say tacky) asian decoration in the background. I wore this to work today, with a black cardigan layered on top to make it a little more conservative. Thank goodness I don't have to wear repetitive suits to work, or what creative energy I do have would have been sucked out.

I'm wearing an Urban Outfitter's Silence + Noise tie-dyed cropped top over an Urban Outfitter's Kimchi Blue nighty worn as a dress. The dress was another impulse buy, because I fell in love with the print when I walked in. Because the dress was quite sheer, I layered that over a nude slip. All these layers probably wasn't a very good idea considering that Vancouver is going through a ridiculous heat wave. I belted the entire outfit with a studded belt from Garage as a counterpoint to the feminity of the dress.

I didn't actually wear these shoes to work, considering that they're new, unworn and heeled. I would not have survived the day. Instead, I wore a pair of Aldo flats that are only slightly more broken in but already breaking. That will be another post for another day.