Sunday, September 27, 2009

future food critic?

Perhaps I am not the most qualified to criticise a restaurant - but I have to argue that as a consumer, I should know what I'm looking for in a good meal. If I do choose to eat out then I want good service and good food. Last night I went out for dinner at Atti, a newly opened Korean restaurant near McGill. I had heard reviews about the restaurant and paired with the decorations I walked in with somewhat high standards but was disappointed when the food did finally come out. I'm not saying that the food was terrible, at least I was able to eat it, but if I'm going to be sitting there waiting for food for 15-20 minutes I would expect it to be piping hot. While the decor of the restaurant was impeccable, service was lacking - for a small-sized restaurant you would think that 3 employees would be sufficient. However, the only way you could get an employees attention was by pushing a button set at the centre of the table - Cathy pointed out that this made her feel like she was on an airplane. While the food was filling, I was not getting my money's worth when I compared it to the food I could get at Bulgogi House, found near Atwater. The Bibimbap was a disappointment, lacking in heat (my rice was pretty much cold) and flavour - forgive me if I'm incorrect, but a Bibimbap is meant to be served in a stone pot that retains heat. I got mine in a porcelain bowl, even though it was pretty, I was not impressed. When I go into a Korean restaurant, I expect Korean food. Yet everything in the restaurant seemed to taste about the same - bland and a weak attempt at Korean. We ended up mixing everything we ate with chili sauce. While the walk to Bulgogi House may be long, the outcome is far more worth it than eating at Atti, even if its location is convenient for the McGill student.

Saturday, September 26, 2009

first outfit

Well, this is the first outfit I'll be putting up. I have to start getting in the habit of taking photos of what I'm wearing. I have to mention that I do look very awkward in this photo, simply because Cathy and I had just come out from studying on campus and we didn't really look for a "pretty" place to take the photo, so we acted like I was a prospective management student and ended up taking a photo outside the McGill management building.

I did finally splurge on those aviators and found myself a pretty pair of Ray-Bans. I love them and am constantly hoping for sun and thus a reason to wear them. On the topic of accessories, I'm also wearing one of the silk scarves I was raving about as well as (you can't see it)one of the many gold necklaces I bought along with an H&M bag that has lasted me throughout my university years and an American Eagle belt. Skinny jeans (Forever21), tucked in tanktop (American Apparel), cardigan (Gap), and boyfriend blazer (Zara). The flats are actually from Old Navy - they're surprisingly comfortable but unfortunately wearing out to such a degree that when it rains, water gets into my shoe through the sole. I've been on the lookout for a replacement pair but have yet to find anything remotely close in terms of a good balance between comfort and looks.

I went to return some things today at Forever21 and H&M before my study date with Cathy and her friend, Kay, and had to restrain myself from purchasing anything. GO WILLPOWER. Next thing for my willpower to work on? Perhaps exercise or eating healthy. If only it was as easy to do as typing it.

Monday, September 21, 2009

more things i'm in love with that i probably won't get to buy

I am loving the nude coloured trend this season. Mix nude tones with some grecian draping and I'm falling head over heels. Of course, I will probably never be able to afford a Donna Karan dress...but it's so SEXY. I would be so happy if I found something similar at a much more affordable price - but where would i wear it to? Ah the problem with being a student with a limited income and nowhere to go.

On a much more comical and immature note....

Meet Gucci (right) and Coco (left), two hand puppets that Cathy and I purchased from Walmart while on an excursion/adventure to an American Apparel flea market event. Unfortunately the wait was too long for us so we ended up in Walmart. Their names are symbols of our obvious love for fashion - and our inability to get any closer to designer brands.

Back to my life of living fashionably,albeit vicariously through the internet.

Saturday, September 19, 2009


In celebration of a few friends' (and my own) 21st birthdays last night, we set out on Prince Arthur to have dinner. After dinner we headed back to my cozy apartment to hang-out and well, drink, in preparation for our plans to go out to a club. It is easy to say then that things quickly headed in a rather un-sober direction, at least for some people. Instead of going to a club after a game of Charade and Kings, we set out for the karaoke. Drunken singing has never been better. But this night was the night that reminded me of why I decided to live in Montreal and why I won't be able to ever move back in with my parents. The freedom and independence that I have gained through these past 3 years will never be reversed - and I think that's a good thing. Although it took a while, I'm glad I met so many people that I feel that I can act myself around. I'm glad I made the decision to come to Montreal even though I had regretted it for so long. Things are good - and it never hurt to only have to take 3 classes in a semester.

On a fashion note, I spent the entire day with Cathy, one of my closest friends here in Montreal, and we went shopping - all over downtown. Cathy and I have come to realise that we are the best shopping partners - or perhaps the worst - as we seem to encourage each other to buy so much with our similar tastes. While my wallet is considerably lighter, I have continued to further my collection of necklaces, adding 3 more to my collection. In addition to the necklaces from Forever21, I ended up with a dress and two tops from the store. Owls seem to be the stylish animal of the season. And I could not get away from the trend. I also could not avoid going into Urban Outfitters and heading immediately for the sale racks on the second-floor. I walked out with 2 tops and a silk scarf. The thing about silk scarves is that it's so versatile - especially with the right print. You can use it in a more casual outfit or in an outfit that you want to dress up, and who can resist the smooth texture of silk. Cathy and I walked for so long that by the time we returned to my apartment we were exhausted and had blisters on our feet.

In addition to the sequin and leather skirt from the last post, I'm currently hunting for aviators - summer may be coming to an end but aviators seem like a style of sunglasses that is season-less, and I WANT THEM.

No pictures this time, I'm much too tired. Perhaps when I have constructed a look from my purchases I will post a picture up. I think I will be climbing back into bed soon and staying there for the rest of the day...or not.

Have a good one.

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

so many new obsessions

So lately I have been going on a fashion/shopping craze. I am in love with so many things, it's really quite crazy. I am currently yearning to buy a leather skirt or a sequin skirt - both are gorgeously sexy and I am obsessed with finding the perfect one.

I am also going crazy about gold statement necklaces. In this last week I have bought four (FOUR!) of them and I am preparing my wallet for much more of this gorgeous-ness on Friday, my day of freedom from school and all cares in the world. On top of my gold rush, anything studded catches my eye. Which seems like everything these days.

On a much more creative note, I am currently knitting a baby pink - as demanded by my younger sister who just so happens to be a (surprise, surprise) pink lover - hooded sweater for my sweetie, Chere, as her Christmas present. Hopefully I won't mess it up.

Monday, September 14, 2009


First post. The closest I have ever come to blogging was this thing we had back in the day, if anybody remembers: xanga. I hope to use this as a place to share all my latest obsessions whether it be with food, fashion, music or really anything else. Enjoy!