Saturday, July 24, 2010

Wait, I'm Still Alive!

It didn't seem like I had been gone for long. Okay, I lie, I know I've been slacking with this whole posting thing, even before I stopped posting all together. Things will be picking up again, I hope, as I have finally settled into living in Vancouver.

I have a computer, a job and lots and lots of new outfits. So people...I'm back.

I've noticed since summer has finally hit Vancouver that I've been resorting to braids to keep my hair stylishly out of the way. While I've been very tempted to just cut it all off, I couldn't bear to part with all the time I have spent in attempting to cut if off.

So here's to the side braid, french braid and fishtail braid.

Pictures, coming soon (with outfits).

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