Tuesday, October 6, 2009

new look

This was my look for the day. I actually wore the flats out but was tempted to try my new boots with the outfit. They're Ralph Lauren and I love them - but they are 5 inch heels and walking around campus 2 days in a row is quite difficult. Speaking of difficult tasks - taking my own photo also proved to be a challenge. I ended up stacking a large amount of magazines, textbooks and coursepacks on top of my ottoman, then perched a tripod on top of that so that I could get the right height and angle. Even then, I simply got too tired of posing for a camera so settled for average photos. Don't ask me about the editing of the photos - my sister did it for me, so I don't quite know why they have two different qualities to them. Anyway, I slipped on a men's vintage fit shirt from American Eagle over a black slip. I belted the shirt with a black, skinny belt. I paired this with a pair of gray stockings that I got - you can't see it in the photo but I love the look of these tights, in a way they look like leggings (the material is thicker and the colour actually includes several shades of gray). With winter fast approaching, I have continued to build up my tights collection - I actually got 3 more today, strangely enough they're all gray.

I'm going to go off now and obsess about my outfit for tomorrow - but I probably won't be able to come up with anything and then find myself 5 minutes before having to go to class rushing around frantically trying to piece something together.

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