Monday, October 19, 2009

walking advertisement

After a spending more than 4 hours on a beautiful Saturday in a group meeting, I decided to treat myself. So on Sunday, I woke up with a mission. SHOPPING TRIP. Boy, was that not a good idea. I ended up buying way too much. Then I came to a realisation - stores should pay us. Sure they provide clothes, but then we walk around carrying their bags with their store name stamped all over it enticing other people to go to the store. Technically, we're paying the stores to advertise for them. The cost of those bags must be put into the clothes that we get. Is this fair? Anyway, NEW skinny jeans from American Eagle paired with NEW Forever21 lace tanktop over an Americaa Apparel black tanktop. Zara suede heels (they're so amazingly sexy with the gold stiletto), Urban Outfitters BDG cardigan, Forever21 elephant charm necklace and NEW Forever21 (fake) leather jacket. This jacket is amazing - it has a faux fur lining, perfect for keeping me warm as the weather in Montreal continues to approach freezing levels.
I have a new found obsession for lace. It's so sexy..yet so refined and ladylike at the same time.
I think another post on nail polish is going to come soon. I have to stop buying them - I just don't have enough fingers to use them all up in a lifetime. =(
I'm so tired. Running on 5hours of sleep is not good.

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