Monday, September 21, 2009

more things i'm in love with that i probably won't get to buy

I am loving the nude coloured trend this season. Mix nude tones with some grecian draping and I'm falling head over heels. Of course, I will probably never be able to afford a Donna Karan dress...but it's so SEXY. I would be so happy if I found something similar at a much more affordable price - but where would i wear it to? Ah the problem with being a student with a limited income and nowhere to go.

On a much more comical and immature note....

Meet Gucci (right) and Coco (left), two hand puppets that Cathy and I purchased from Walmart while on an excursion/adventure to an American Apparel flea market event. Unfortunately the wait was too long for us so we ended up in Walmart. Their names are symbols of our obvious love for fashion - and our inability to get any closer to designer brands.

Back to my life of living fashionably,albeit vicariously through the internet.