Tuesday, September 15, 2009

so many new obsessions

So lately I have been going on a fashion/shopping craze. I am in love with so many things, it's really quite crazy. I am currently yearning to buy a leather skirt or a sequin skirt - both are gorgeously sexy and I am obsessed with finding the perfect one.

I am also going crazy about gold statement necklaces. In this last week I have bought four (FOUR!) of them and I am preparing my wallet for much more of this gorgeous-ness on Friday, my day of freedom from school and all cares in the world. On top of my gold rush, anything studded catches my eye. Which seems like everything these days.

On a much more creative note, I am currently knitting a baby pink - as demanded by my younger sister who just so happens to be a (surprise, surprise) pink lover - hooded sweater for my sweetie, Chere, as her Christmas present. Hopefully I won't mess it up.

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