Saturday, September 19, 2009


In celebration of a few friends' (and my own) 21st birthdays last night, we set out on Prince Arthur to have dinner. After dinner we headed back to my cozy apartment to hang-out and well, drink, in preparation for our plans to go out to a club. It is easy to say then that things quickly headed in a rather un-sober direction, at least for some people. Instead of going to a club after a game of Charade and Kings, we set out for the karaoke. Drunken singing has never been better. But this night was the night that reminded me of why I decided to live in Montreal and why I won't be able to ever move back in with my parents. The freedom and independence that I have gained through these past 3 years will never be reversed - and I think that's a good thing. Although it took a while, I'm glad I met so many people that I feel that I can act myself around. I'm glad I made the decision to come to Montreal even though I had regretted it for so long. Things are good - and it never hurt to only have to take 3 classes in a semester.

On a fashion note, I spent the entire day with Cathy, one of my closest friends here in Montreal, and we went shopping - all over downtown. Cathy and I have come to realise that we are the best shopping partners - or perhaps the worst - as we seem to encourage each other to buy so much with our similar tastes. While my wallet is considerably lighter, I have continued to further my collection of necklaces, adding 3 more to my collection. In addition to the necklaces from Forever21, I ended up with a dress and two tops from the store. Owls seem to be the stylish animal of the season. And I could not get away from the trend. I also could not avoid going into Urban Outfitters and heading immediately for the sale racks on the second-floor. I walked out with 2 tops and a silk scarf. The thing about silk scarves is that it's so versatile - especially with the right print. You can use it in a more casual outfit or in an outfit that you want to dress up, and who can resist the smooth texture of silk. Cathy and I walked for so long that by the time we returned to my apartment we were exhausted and had blisters on our feet.

In addition to the sequin and leather skirt from the last post, I'm currently hunting for aviators - summer may be coming to an end but aviators seem like a style of sunglasses that is season-less, and I WANT THEM.

No pictures this time, I'm much too tired. Perhaps when I have constructed a look from my purchases I will post a picture up. I think I will be climbing back into bed soon and staying there for the rest of the day...or not.

Have a good one.

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