Saturday, September 26, 2009

first outfit

Well, this is the first outfit I'll be putting up. I have to start getting in the habit of taking photos of what I'm wearing. I have to mention that I do look very awkward in this photo, simply because Cathy and I had just come out from studying on campus and we didn't really look for a "pretty" place to take the photo, so we acted like I was a prospective management student and ended up taking a photo outside the McGill management building.

I did finally splurge on those aviators and found myself a pretty pair of Ray-Bans. I love them and am constantly hoping for sun and thus a reason to wear them. On the topic of accessories, I'm also wearing one of the silk scarves I was raving about as well as (you can't see it)one of the many gold necklaces I bought along with an H&M bag that has lasted me throughout my university years and an American Eagle belt. Skinny jeans (Forever21), tucked in tanktop (American Apparel), cardigan (Gap), and boyfriend blazer (Zara). The flats are actually from Old Navy - they're surprisingly comfortable but unfortunately wearing out to such a degree that when it rains, water gets into my shoe through the sole. I've been on the lookout for a replacement pair but have yet to find anything remotely close in terms of a good balance between comfort and looks.

I went to return some things today at Forever21 and H&M before my study date with Cathy and her friend, Kay, and had to restrain myself from purchasing anything. GO WILLPOWER. Next thing for my willpower to work on? Perhaps exercise or eating healthy. If only it was as easy to do as typing it.

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