Monday, November 2, 2009

its been a while

Well, Halloween has come and gone. I, unfortunately, didn't do much. I suppose now I regret not taking advantage of the one night where you can walk around a city dressed up (or in some cases, barely dressed) in whatever you want. On Friday, I was planning on dressing up as a grecian goddess - but I ended up opting out of a party and staying at home talking to my best friend on skype. Perhaps, one day - soon, so it won't seem like I randomly get in costumes and prance around in my apartment - I will just do it so that I can post the look up and show everybody that I do, in fact, possess some level of creativity. On Saturday, some friends and I headed to the Rocky Horror Picture Show. It was my first time going and I was thoroughly entertained, albeit somewhat lost and confused. Of course, going to the Rocky Horror Show meant that I should be dressing up in my sluttiest gear - that didn't happen. I made a very lame attempt in a slip that I layered over a bustier and tights believing that few were actually going to go all the way. I was wrong and completely missed my chance to walk around in just underwear. However, now that I think about it - that may have been a good thing. Perhaps I will post that look up as well. As winter is fast approaching, I'm trying to come up with pretty, pretty outfits that still keep me warm. I suppose I will have to rely a lot on my (approximate) 7 pairs of boots and lots and lots of tights and socks.

Looks coming up soon...I HOPE!

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