Wednesday, November 4, 2009

boots, boots and more boots

I admit it, I'm addicted. Boots just grab my attention when I step into a shoe store. In Montreal, I have 10 pairs if you include booties. Recently, the trend has been going towards over the knee boots or thigh-highs. I realised during Halloween weekend that I did in fact own a pair of over the knee boots, but I never wore them as such. They're from Chinese Laundry and for the last two years, I've simply been wearing them folded down. While the first thought about thigh-high boots may be how they might be slutty - the trend has really grown on me. Thigh-high boots may be a statement but it can be a modest one at that. As seen above from the Who What Wear Daily emails, as long as you pair over the knee boots with more modest garb, you'll have just the right amount of sexiness. I may just find myself buying a new pair of boots.
SIGH - more money going down the drain, at least I'll look good while watching it swirl down into oblivion.

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